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Small Business Social Media

As a small business owner, I understand the value of eyeballs.  As many eyeballs that we can get to focus on our ads and content, the better.  Obviously, we all want targeted eyes.  As I once heard an announcer aptly point out during the World Cup several years ago, if a penalty shot is not on-goal, then it  can’t go in.

However, as we at Visible Contact increase our social media presence, I’ve noticed what many others have pointed out before me: many businesses are basically spamming on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  They seem to have hired an SEO outfit to promote them shamelessly and soullessly or they’ve done their homework enough to do some SEO in-house but it’s done with an obvious “scam the system” spirit.  It’s clear to me that this makes for a lot of unpleasant noise in social media.

So, we want to take a thoughtful approach to social media that hopefully will get us some attention from people who would be interested in our products and services without shamelessly trying to gain eyeballs to pump full of our message.

According to Peter Thomas, an award-winning business intelligence expert, “providing content that is of interest… and being clear about who you are and what you do… trumps any more mechanistic approach to SEO [Search Engine Optimization].”

We are aligned with Peter’s thoughts on this subject and as our primary social media effort, we continue to refine our goals, sense of purpose, mission, style, skills, products, and services.  We aim to take these ambitions to our social media efforts.  I say “social media efforts” instead of  “social media campaign”, because I think “campaign” refers more to the kind of urgent badgering that can result in low-grade, passionless social media spamming and we are trying to steer away from that.

Visible Contact is an Android and iPhone app production company that focuses on children’s education, mHealth (mobile health), and global sustainability (social, economic, and ecological.)  We are based in Austin, Texas and our top app title is Evil Sushi Squish for Android & iPhone.