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Sushi is Trending in the App World

Sushi is always trending, popular and good for you. Fans of sushi love all things sushi, like sushi slippers to sushi plush toys you can even get a sushi hat. But don’t think the sushi fun train stops there. The Apple App store is alive with sushi games, recipes and even epic sushi love stories. From Evil Sushi Squishing to saving the love of Sushi Cat. Nothing is off limits for app developers when it comes to playing with sushi. In this review I have picked three really fun, sushi-themed apps that cost under a dollar. And if you are not a fan of sushi… you will be, you will be.

Sushi Cat, oh my, what a very cute fun game. Right away the graphics will grab your attention and it’s an easy game to understand and play. The games main character Sushi Cat had his love stolen from him and he has to eat the sushi to rescue his love. What is really fun is that he gets bigger and bigger while he eats his way through the game. Sushi and fat cats great fun for everyone.
A Bento Box: Virtual Sushi. Right off the bat you will love the look of the illustrated sushi.  This app makes me crave for sushi. You can put together your own Bento Box and they have a great selection of sushi to choose from. Then enjoy your sushi as your wallpaper or share your sushi with a friend by emailing it to them. Virtual food apps are on the rise, and trending and this app has no shortage of cute virtual food.
Evil Sushi Squish, another super cute app with sushi, geisha and ninjas. Much like a bubble pop game this app is great for all ages and skill levels. As you progress through the game you do have to use those ninja skills and go faster to get through the levels so it’s not always easy but it is always fun. This game has great sushi characters and I have never seen evil sushi look so dang cute. Share your score on Facebook and if you finish to the last level a fun little animation launches. A definite on my Sushi list of must haves.
Hope you enjoyed my sushi app review and I look forward in reviewing cat apps next week.
By: Amanda O’Brien

Creating Story Apps for Kids on Android, Tablet, iPhone, and iPad

Many children’s book authors are turning to the storybook app and ebook formats to self-publish their books for Android phones, Tablets, iPhones, and Ipads.

Some examples of children’s stories published for Android, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, and the web:

The ebook format (iBook, Kindle, etc.) apparently requires some xhtml knowledge.  The app format can require knowledge of a programming language like Objective-C (iPhone, iPad) or Java (Android, Tablet) but now there are also tools to make app creation easier for non-programmers.

Tools that make storybook app and ebook creation easier:

Game Salad
Active Reader by Tall Chair
Composer by Demibooks
Interactive Touch Books
Push Pop Press

Visible Contact is an app developer, producer, and reviewer based in Austin, Texas. Download our apps:

Apps For Kids

Evil Sushi Squish (for iPhone & Android)

Ice Cream Parlour (for Android)

Halloween Costumes (for Android)


Countdown (for Android)

App Review: Amazon Appstore for Android

The Amazon Appstore is an alternative source for purchasing Android phone and tablet apps.  The default place to download Android apps is from the Android Marketplace.  Android phones are shipped with the Android marketplace app but Amazon App Store is the major competitor for the Marketplace.

Installing the Amazon marketplace is a four click process.  Having to do the four steps is irritating and may drive away those who are not fully committed to the process.  However, Amazon does a nice job of explaining the four steps with a video and an onscreen list of the four steps and it is should be painless unless the download fails, as it did in my case on my first attempt.

Once installed, the Amazon Appstore app and companion website offer a shopping interface that will be fully familiar to anyone who has ever shopped on Amazon for other things. This is the major plus of bothering to stray from the Android Marketplace (which also has a companion website.)  Your purchases are seamlessly integrated with your existing Amazon account.  Both the Appstore and the Marketplace have Featured Apps and allow you to browse by categories and app publishers.  Amazon offers a “Free App of the Day” which is a nice touch.  You have a one-day opportunity to download a specific paid app for free.  the Amazon interface is tried and true and has been honed over the years where the Marketplace  interface (especially via a web browser) is overly simplistic and unattractive.

In the end, I have decided to use both the Android marketplace and the Amazon Appstore as the former offers some ease and simplicity and the latter offers more features.

Visible Contact is an Android/Tablet/iPhone/iPad producer and reviewer based in Austin, Texas.  Download our apps from the Amazon Appstore:

Ice Cream Parlour for Android

Evil Sushi Squish for Android

Halloween Costumes for Android

Children’s iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps

Kids are spending more and more time with smart phones.  Many parents are cautious about letting their children spend too much time watching television.  Smart phones are an alternative that is at least interactive and can be challenging for kids in very positive ways.  Of course, parents need to supervise the content their children are consuming on smart phones because they can stumble upon apps and mobile sites that have adult content.  That being said, it is comforting to know that your child is playing an engaging game that is occupying their attention for a while and may even be teaching them something.

Visible Contact currently has two children’s apps available on the Android Market, the Amazon Appstore, and on the iTunes Appstore.

Evil Sushi Squish – A frenetic tap game with fun characters, 50 different levels, and a ninja scoring system where you advance from a white-belt ninja all the way up to a black-belt ninja.  Go to the companion kids’ game website for more fun and activities.  [Download for Android] |  [Download for iPhone]

Amazon’s Appstore says Evil Sushi Squish has:

  • Fun, engaging gameplay
  • Humorous characters and graphics
  • Intuitive graphical interface for young and older players

Ice Cream Parlour – A casual game where you build an ice cream cone from a vast store of ingredients.  It’s cheerful, colorful, silly, and fun to play.  [Download for Android]

Halloween Costumes – A simple, fun game where you drag costume hats, shirts, pants, capes, and more onto your character.  Kids enjoy the mixing and matching of different costume pieces. [Download for Android]

A review site that can be a good resource for finding the right apps for your children is Best Kids Apps.