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Halloween Costumes, Stories and Pranks

Boo! Did I scare you? Well Halloween is around the corner and the app stores are busting out some fantastic apps to enhance the spooky season. From costume games to spooky sounds, fun stories and even an app to find those ghosts lurking around the corner. With so many apps for the Halloween season I have narrowed it down to a few must haves on you’re smart phones for any age to enjoy. If your a fan of Halloween then you will love this review.

Halloween Costumes is a really cute app to get you in the mood for the season. This app has a selection of tops, bottoms, masks, among many other choices. You can create a number of combinations of costumes from Stormtroopers with fairy wings to a spooky vampire. A great way to brainstorm about your costume for this year. This app also has some fun animated features that makes it super cute.

Costumes are important to Halloween but it’s the spooky stories that are great to tell. Creepy Tails has a nice selection of Halloween stories that would be great to tell to share or to just read on your own. With 100 stories and 7 categories you can read one a night or save it for a Halloween party.

Now that the costumes and entertainment are taken care of all you need is a good Halloween prank, and Ghost Radar Classic has all the bells and whistles to scare your Halloween guests. It claims to read energy levels and can detect any ghost coming your way. For those that really take ghost to heart this could provide hours of fun and calling out those ghost might make your friends to spooked to play. But isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

App Review By Amanda O’Brien

Food Themed Apps for Kids

Food themed kid apps are becoming really popular with not only kids but adults as well. Pretending is one of the ways we can connect with our children and using great apps like Ice Cream Parlour or Cookie Doodle is on the rise. No mess to clean up, no food to buy, no sugar to feed your child, all of the reasons why these types of apps are becoming so popular. Whether in the car, at a restaurant or just on the go, with smart phone apps making it easier to have fun without the hassle of breaking out a mess, it’s no wonder why more and more of these types of games are showing up on the market. A few apps that have really been making that pretend time fun and easy is Cookie Doodle, Ice Cream Parlour and Candy Swipe and I would like to review them for you here.

Cookie Doodle is a cute app that allows you to pretend to make cookies by rolling out the dough with a sweet selection of cookie cutters you can use to cut out your cookie shapes. Then you get to decorate your cookies! All the fun with no burnt cookies, a perfect batch every time.

Ice Cream Parlour is super cute app with an easy interface for any age. This app provides a great selection of ice cream and, toppings with all the fun of making the cold treat with none of the melting mess. Just slide your scoop on over to the cone of your choice, choose your toppings, endless fun. There is a great little demo of this app.

Candy Swipe takes a different twist on playing with your food. A lot like a crossword puzzle meets the connect four game. Most age levels will understand how to play. But again it’s about having a fun activity for you and your child to enjoy together and this app delivers a lot of fun.