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App Review: Amazon Appstore for Android

The Amazon Appstore is an alternative source for purchasing Android phone and tablet apps.  The default place to download Android apps is from the Android Marketplace.  Android phones are shipped with the Android marketplace app but Amazon App Store is the major competitor for the Marketplace.

Installing the Amazon marketplace is a four click process.  Having to do the four steps is irritating and may drive away those who are not fully committed to the process.  However, Amazon does a nice job of explaining the four steps with a video and an onscreen list of the four steps and it is should be painless unless the download fails, as it did in my case on my first attempt.

Once installed, the Amazon Appstore app and companion website offer a shopping interface that will be fully familiar to anyone who has ever shopped on Amazon for other things. This is the major plus of bothering to stray from the Android Marketplace (which also has a companion website.)  Your purchases are seamlessly integrated with your existing Amazon account.  Both the Appstore and the Marketplace have Featured Apps and allow you to browse by categories and app publishers.  Amazon offers a “Free App of the Day” which is a nice touch.  You have a one-day opportunity to download a specific paid app for free.  the Amazon interface is tried and true and has been honed over the years where the Marketplace  interface (especially via a web browser) is overly simplistic and unattractive.

In the end, I have decided to use both the Android marketplace and the Amazon Appstore as the former offers some ease and simplicity and the latter offers more features.

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