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Visible Contact Halloween App

Here is a fun little animation with our Halloween charters. Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween and this app lets you enjoy many crazy combinations of costumes, along with traditional ones as well. Down load the app, and have some Halloween fun.


Angry Birds on Google+

Google+ Games Launch Brings Angry Birds, Dragon Age, More

By Will Herring,    Aug 12, 2011 9:22 am

Because, come on, it’s not like you didn’t see this coming, Google+ is in the process of debuting a bevy of social games from some high-profile developers, including PopCap, Zynga, Rovio, BioWare, and Funzio. As soon as the roll-out is complete, a “Games” button should appear at the top of your Google+ stream, which should grant you access to the following games:

“You can see the latest game updates from your circles, browse the invites you’ve received, and check out games that people you know have played recently,” explains Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of engineering, on the Official Google Blog. “The Games page is also where your game accomplishments will appear, so you can comfortably share your latest high score — your circles will only see the updates when they’re interested in playing games too.”


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Not just Another Calculator!

Calculator! App Review

iPad Reviews — By Alfred Smith

Doing badly in Math?? Are you giving up already??? Probably you just need some help from your calculator, buddy! The app store has added one more to its magnificent collection of apps and this one has all the brains. Calculator! was designed to help you with all your problems in Math and now there won’t be huge problems in front of you anymore.

Take the opportunity, make a date with Calculator! and take it to your Math class and see how simple things turn out to be. Want to know what’s in store for you? Well, to start off,  the  app allows you  to choose between a basic calculator or a scientific calculator that has more than 30 scientific operations.

Then, you can use your app in a portrait or landscape mode. If you are in a hurry and in search of a pen during a class or a meeting, stop searching and draw or write on your note tab using your finger and stop worrying about that pen which is at the bottom of your bag.  Once you are done and after tonnes of calculations, if you are not sure about your answer and need to retrieve your past calculations,  then tap on the history tab and confirm your calculations.

Want to get a hard copy of your calculations to distribute to your friends or team mates? Use Airprint to print your notes or your calculation history. Doesn’t this make things a lot easier? Besides this,  you can also send out copies through email as well.

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eCards and Greetings from Buncee Pro

Buncee Pro – Custom iPad eCards and Greeting Cards App Review

iPad Reviews — By Alfred Smith on May 31, 2011 at 1:09 PM

Well this app is quite interesting as it can bring a smile on your face or a tear to your eye. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, it was with this app that I created the best gift I could ever give my mum.

Mum’s birthday was nearing and I was in a dilemma wondering what to get her. I had forgotten to get her something for Mother’s day too, so I wanted to make this birthday even more special and get her something which shows her how important she is to me.

I had looked through a lot of jewelry, shoes and handbags at different stores, but nothing caught my eye. It was not what I was looking for. When I was goofing around on my iPad with the app Buncee Pro, something struck my mind. I went through some pictures of mum and I, right from the hospital where I was born to my first birthday, all through school, till date.

After choosing some amazing pictures that brought back memories, I got it onto my iPad. Then using Buncee Pro I added different backgrounds (there are 80 different backgrounds to choose from), edited pictures and turned them black and white to give them that classy look. Then I used clip art and bubbles to make some pictures funnier and added text in speech bubbles to add more emotions to the pictures.

The best part about the app is that it is very easy to use, unlike all those Photoshop gadgets. I was able to get everything done very easily in a jiffy. You can add clip art that you like or delete them if you change your mind. It’s also very easy to alter the size of the art to suit the scene just by moving your fingers on the screen. You can use different colors on the color board to draw on the picture and create your own style of art or write little notes. The color board has twenty colors that you can choose from to make your picture look even more colorful.

Now that you have created it, it would be a pity to lose it, so save it in your library for later use. You can also share it with your friends through email and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or send emails to your friends and family directly through the app. You could also use your creation as an iPad wallpaper.

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Back to School Apps

School is almost back in session and you’re looking for a few apps that make it a little easier for you and your kids to get back into the swing of things. And with the amount of shopping for school supplies, cloths, hair cuts and lunch boxes I decided that the focus would be on free apps for this review. There are some free things left in the world, a smile, being kind and developers donating their talents and time to create something we all can enjoy, especially when it helps education or just a reminder of a special event you can’t miss. So how can an app help with school?

Well first let’s talk about finding your school and a great free app for that is called Public School Finder. Even just being on time doesn’t mean much if you can’t find the school and with so many school tucked into neighborhoods this could be a challenge, especially if you just moved or changed schools. Public Schools Finder for US based addresses. Shows distance of each school too. Shows basic information about schools by color coded markers for Elementary, Middle and High school categories. A must have app if you are moving to an area and want to have school information on hand while looking for a place to live.

Second and always important are school lunches. One can not learn on an empty stomach and most students buy their lunch at school, but what if your child has allergies or just doesn’t like a certain type of food, then knowing what the school is serving is half the battle. With the app My Food Days this not only allows you to see what is for lunch but you can also order it from your phone. No more, forgot my lunch money! A great app and a must have for the school year, and it’s also free.

Time is always a factor in our busy lives and making sure we make it to those special events or that we remembered a certain task can be a struggle. The perfect app for counting down days till school starts or remembering a birthday here is a free app called Countdown. This app breaks down the exact amount of time you have till you hit your date, a great way to keep on task.

Sushi is Trending in the App World

Sushi is always trending, popular and good for you. Fans of sushi love all things sushi, like sushi slippers to sushi plush toys you can even get a sushi hat. But don’t think the sushi fun train stops there. The Apple App store is alive with sushi games, recipes and even epic sushi love stories. From Evil Sushi Squishing to saving the love of Sushi Cat. Nothing is off limits for app developers when it comes to playing with sushi. In this review I have picked three really fun, sushi-themed apps that cost under a dollar. And if you are not a fan of sushi… you will be, you will be.

Sushi Cat, oh my, what a very cute fun game. Right away the graphics will grab your attention and it’s an easy game to understand and play. The games main character Sushi Cat had his love stolen from him and he has to eat the sushi to rescue his love. What is really fun is that he gets bigger and bigger while he eats his way through the game. Sushi and fat cats great fun for everyone.
A Bento Box: Virtual Sushi. Right off the bat you will love the look of the illustrated sushi.  This app makes me crave for sushi. You can put together your own Bento Box and they have a great selection of sushi to choose from. Then enjoy your sushi as your wallpaper or share your sushi with a friend by emailing it to them. Virtual food apps are on the rise, and trending and this app has no shortage of cute virtual food.
Evil Sushi Squish, another super cute app with sushi, geisha and ninjas. Much like a bubble pop game this app is great for all ages and skill levels. As you progress through the game you do have to use those ninja skills and go faster to get through the levels so it’s not always easy but it is always fun. This game has great sushi characters and I have never seen evil sushi look so dang cute. Share your score on Facebook and if you finish to the last level a fun little animation launches. A definite on my Sushi list of must haves.
Hope you enjoyed my sushi app review and I look forward in reviewing cat apps next week.
By: Amanda O’Brien

Creating Story Apps for Kids on Android, Tablet, iPhone, and iPad

Many children’s book authors are turning to the storybook app and ebook formats to self-publish their books for Android phones, Tablets, iPhones, and Ipads.

Some examples of children’s stories published for Android, Tablet, iPhone, iPad, and the web:

The ebook format (iBook, Kindle, etc.) apparently requires some xhtml knowledge.  The app format can require knowledge of a programming language like Objective-C (iPhone, iPad) or Java (Android, Tablet) but now there are also tools to make app creation easier for non-programmers.

Tools that make storybook app and ebook creation easier:

Game Salad
Active Reader by Tall Chair
Composer by Demibooks
Interactive Touch Books
Push Pop Press

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