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Lower Your Fuel Cost with an App

Free iPhone Apps to Help Lower Your Car’s Fuel Costs

Jim Gorzelany, Contributor

That iPhone in your pocket is good for more than making calls and social networking – it can also be used to help motorists save money at the gas pump, thanks to a growing assortment of apps that can help track and boost your car’s fuel economy and help find the lowest gas prices no matter where you live or travel. Here’s a quick look at a few of the best of them; all are available as free downloads via the iTunes App Store:

AAA TripTik Mobile can help locate the lowest prices locally or en route for all available grades of gasoline. It also provides maps and turn-by-turn directions and identifies other points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants and attractions, with the ability to call for lodging reservations at the touch of a button.

Similarly,  Gas Buddy and Local Gas Prices can come in handy to help locate the cheapest gas prices in a given area for regular, midgrade, premium and diesel grades.

CarEconomy computes and displays a car’s average fuel economy, and can show instantaneous fuel economy on a real-time basis via an in-app upgrade.

Fuelculator estimates the cost of a road trip based on distance traveled, a car’s fuel economy and the cost of fuel (per national averages or user-inputted).

Gas Cubby tracks gas mileage and vehicle maintenance, and charts MPG, gas prices and fuel/maintenance expenses; it also delivers customizable service interval reminders.

Gas Manager automatically tracks fuel economy, gas expenses and miles travelled, and can calculate a vehicle’s carbon footprint, based on fuel consumption. It further includes a GPS-based “find my car” function, and can help locate nearby gas stations, garages, restaurants and hotels.

Road Trip Lite can work with multiple vehicles, graphically and statistically tracks a car’s fuel economy, maintenance and expenses and can import data from and export it to Microsoft Office.

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