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Google’s App Inventor Down in 90 Days

Google to Open-Source Android App Inventor

By Jared Spurbeck

Google’s App Inventor is a free online tool that lets you build your own apps, for smartphones running its Android operating system. It doesn’t require any programming experience, so you don’t need to type a single line of code; just fit pieces together like in a puzzle.

Android is open-source, which means that the programming code is available online for free, for anyone who wants to take it and make something with it. App Inventor, however, is not, meaning that those who use it are dependent on Google’s good graces to keep it open.

The bad news for App Inventor fans: Google’s good graces are running out. The company has announced that it will take App Inventor down within the next 90 days. But the good news is that it has also said it will make the programming code open-source, so that anyone can use it on their own. It will also give special attention to “support[ing] the educational use of App Inventor.”

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