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Code-Free Web Design

Adobe Muse promises code-free Web site design

By Geoff Duncan

Adobe has unveiled a preview of Adobe Edge, which promises to bring Flash-like animation and interactive development tools to the Web using HTML5 technologies. Now, Adobe has taken the wraps of Adobe Muse, a new Web publishing and design tool that promises to enable creative types to design and publish Web sites without writing one lick of HTML code. Instead, they’ll be able to construct and configure Web sites using Adobe’s usual myriad of parameter-laden palettes, dialogs, ribbons, and floating gizmos that will be familiar to anyone who has used Adobe InDesign—all implemented via Adobe Air, Adobe’s rich—but resource-intensive—desktop application framework.

“The ability to build Web sites as easily as laying out a page in InDesign is one of the most popular requests from our design customers,” Adobe VP of design and Web product management Lea Hickman, in a statement. “Those who have tested Muse are thrilled that something this intuitive yet powerful is now available.”

Adobe Muse is available in beta form right now from Adobe for Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.6 or newer, so long as the Adobe Air 2.7 framework is installed. Adobe emphasizes Muse is a beta—and, indeed, Muse is just a codename—and the company has not announced any definitive schedule or pricing for a release version of the software, save to say they expect a 1.0 release in “early 2012.”

The Muse beta site was, itself, created using Muse, and depending on your browser may exhibit some odd behavior, including text resizing after a page has loaded.

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