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Vibop! An App for Poslished Homemade Productions

Polish up your videos with this impressive app

by Philip Michaels,

The video-capture capabilities of today’s smartphones have put movie-making tools into the hands of masses. More often than not, though, the finished product seems more reminiscent of Roy Cohn than the Coen Brothers. NewBlue can’t help you improve the content of what you shoot, but its free Vibop app can make your videos look a little more polished.

Make no mistake—Vibop is not a mobile editing tool like Apple’s iMovie for iOS devices. Apart from adjusting the start and endpoints of your video clip, you can’t really do any editing in Vibop at all. Rather, the app is aimed at improving the look of short video clips—Vibop limits you to 30 seconds worth of video—before you share them on YouTube or Facebook. In that sense, Vibop is cut from the same cloth as Apple’s since-discontinued fifth-generation iPod nano. That music player featured a video camera for capturing quick images you could share with the world; Vibop scratches that same itch, adding a touch of professionalism to the mix.

That polish comes in three areas, the first of which happens when you select a video to use with Vibop. (You can import one from your Photos Library or shoot one from within the app itself.) Save the video, and the app analyzes and auto-stabilizes it. You won’t mistake the finished product for something shot with a Steadicam, but it will smooth over many of the tremors that are an unfortunate side effect of shooting with a handheld phone.

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