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Calculator! App Review

iPad Reviews — By Alfred Smith

Doing badly in Math?? Are you giving up already??? Probably you just need some help from your calculator, buddy! The app store has added one more to its magnificent collection of apps and this one has all the brains. Calculator! was designed to help you with all your problems in Math and now there won’t be huge problems in front of you anymore.

Take the opportunity, make a date with Calculator! and take it to your Math class and see how simple things turn out to be. Want to know what’s in store for you? Well, to start off,  the  app allows you  to choose between a basic calculator or a scientific calculator that has more than 30 scientific operations.

Then, you can use your app in a portrait or landscape mode. If you are in a hurry and in search of a pen during a class or a meeting, stop searching and draw or write on your note tab using your finger and stop worrying about that pen which is at the bottom of your bag.  Once you are done and after tonnes of calculations, if you are not sure about your answer and need to retrieve your past calculations,  then tap on the history tab and confirm your calculations.

Want to get a hard copy of your calculations to distribute to your friends or team mates? Use Airprint to print your notes or your calculation history. Doesn’t this make things a lot easier? Besides this,  you can also send out copies through email as well.

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