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Move Over Flash, Make Room for Adobe’s Edge for HTML5

Adobe’s Edge HTML5 Web Tool Blazes A Trail To The Post-Flash Internet

BY Kit EatonToday
Today Adobe publicly launches the preview of Edge, its Flashless animation tool for web designers. And it’s free to download for anyone interested at Adobe’s Labs webpage. Adobe’s been tinkering with HTML5 tools for a while now, and it actually showed its new Edge authoring tool at the MAX 2010 company conference–but with the public preview comes proof that Adobe’s readying itself for a post-Flash Internet.

Fast Company spoke to Adobe senior computer scientist Josh Hatwich about it, and saw a demonstration of Edge in action. Slick as it is, it’s missing interactive functionality, the ability for Edge-created objects to react to user clicks and text inputs in the way that advanced Flash code does (in games, adverts, and many a tool on many a website). It’s coming soon, Hatwich says. The launch timing begins with the pre-release that enables animation, shortly followed by shapes, expressivity and coding (for truly clever behind-the-scenes website stuff), and then interactivity and graphics will arrive for testing in the public pre-beta before an expected “1.0” product in 2012.

Edge will let web coders “bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS,” according to Adobe’s press release, which also cautions that there are “rapid changes around HTML5,” so it’s “adopting an open development methodology for Adobe Edge and is releasing the software on the Adobe Labs site much earlier than normal in the development proces–before it even reaches beta.” The bold move allows “user feedback to help shape the final product.”

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