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Back to School Apps

School is almost back in session and you’re looking for a few apps that make it a little easier for you and your kids to get back into the swing of things. And with the amount of shopping for school supplies, cloths, hair cuts and lunch boxes I decided that the focus would be on free apps for this review. There are some free things left in the world, a smile, being kind and developers donating their talents and time to create something we all can enjoy, especially when it helps education or just a reminder of a special event you can’t miss. So how can an app help with school?

Well first let’s talk about finding your school and a great free app for that is called Public School Finder. Even just being on time doesn’t mean much if you can’t find the school and with so many school tucked into neighborhoods this could be a challenge, especially if you just moved or changed schools. Public Schools Finder for US based addresses. Shows distance of each school too. Shows basic information about schools by color coded markers for Elementary, Middle and High school categories. A must have app if you are moving to an area and want to have school information on hand while looking for a place to live.

Second and always important are school lunches. One can not learn on an empty stomach and most students buy their lunch at school, but what if your child has allergies or just doesn’t like a certain type of food, then knowing what the school is serving is half the battle. With the app My Food Days this not only allows you to see what is for lunch but you can also order it from your phone. No more, forgot my lunch money! A great app and a must have for the school year, and it’s also free.

Time is always a factor in our busy lives and making sure we make it to those special events or that we remembered a certain task can be a struggle. The perfect app for counting down days till school starts or remembering a birthday here is a free app called Countdown. This app breaks down the exact amount of time you have till you hit your date, a great way to keep on task.

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