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Android Market, Apple Market…Now a GameSalad Market

GameSalad Marketplace

Concurrent with the release of GameSalad 0.9.6, we are launching the first iteration of the official GameSalad Marketplace. As I described in the public roadmap a few months ago, the Marketplace will be an online store where users will be able to buy and sell artwork, audio, templates and other project assets. Marketplace is fully integrated with GameSalad Creator, making it a breeze to import your purchased assets into any project you’re currently working on.

The full GameSalad Marketplace is still a couple of weeks away. Today, we are launching with a library of art assets. In a few weeks, we will open up the Marketplace to partner asset providers, as well as expand to audio and templates.

The GameSalad Marketplace will provide game creators a fast and easy way to bring high quality assets and improved production value to their project as well as provide independent artists and creators access to our developer community.

GameSalad Creator 0.9.6 Beta

In GameSalad 0.9.6 we’re introducing two new features: Y-axis Image Flipping and Library.

Library is the Creator-side integration of the official GameSalad Marketplace. Within Library, you’ll be able to view all the assets already integrated within your open project as well as view any items ever purchased on GameSalad Marketplace. From here, you’ll be able to add purchased items directly into your current project.

Image flipping is incredibly exciting and a feature we’ve wanted to add for a long time. Now, creators no longer need to produce separate left and right facing images and animation sequences for their actors. Instead, users can simply choose to “flip” the image or animation sequence so as to face the other way.

Also in GameSalad 0.9.6 includes multiple fixes and refinements. Among them, we’ve corrected issues with the ‘Otherwise’ section of rules. A complete list of fixes and improvements can be found in our Creator 0.9.6 Release Notes.

GameSalad Cookbook

Launching in conjunction with GameSalad 0.9.6 and Marketplace is the new GameSalad Cookbook. Cookbook replaces the original GameSalad Wiki and provides a much more robust knowledge base of all things GameSalad. Users can ask their GameSalad and game design related questions and responses will come from both members of the community and the GameSalad team. Answers will be in text form, but can also include YouTube videos, screenshots, etc. The community will rate the value of each answer through a voting system, making the best answers easy to find.

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