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Green Power will Phase-out Nuclear Power

Inhabitat’s Week in Green: solar-powered Supertrees, hydrogen racecars and LED-studded shoes

The hot summer sun sparked blazing advances in solar energy this week as Inhabitat reported that a crop of incredible solar-powered Supertrees sprouted at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay conservatory. We also saw designers float plans for a series of gorgeous sun collecting water lily islands, and speaking of flowers, we learned that scientists are breeding cold-resistant super bees that can withstand mites and disease. Scotland made waves as well when it unveiled the next-generation Oyster 800 wave energy plant, and Japan’s Prime Minister signaled a sea change as he called for a complete phase-out of nuclear power.

Several cities took steps away from car culture this week as a Spanish town offered residents lifetime tram passes in exchange for their cars, and JetBlue launched a set of dubious $4 flights to offset the closing of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. We also took a look at the green technologies launched by NASA’s soon to be extinct space shuttle program and we saw the unveiling of the world’s first student-built hydrogen racecar.

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