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Gift Giving…Organic Fruit says so much more

Gift giving is not only good for those that give gifts but studdies show that a positive act can actually make you, the giver, happy. There are few better antidotes for unhappiness than a cherished friendship. Resolve to nurture your closest relationships by not taking them for granted, show kindness to them, affirm them, and share time together. And the holidays are a great time to reconnect with old friends but also a great time to establish new relationships. Happiness isn’t somewhere off in the future, but in the laugh you share with a good friend over coffee.

For the holidays I like to give gifts that say I thinking about you but also I was thinking about your well being. A wonderful gift that many overlook is organic fruit, not that regular fruit can also be nice. But with mass production of fruit you have pesticides that are not good for you and at this point everyone understands that. Organic fruit has that mass appeal without the pesticides. There are sites that you can order organic fruit baskets from, making time to meet for that cup of coffee with your friends.

A site that has a great selection is and one of the reasons I really like them is they donate  to NAMI.

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