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HD Coming Soon for Apple’s iPad?!

Rumor: Apple working on ‘iPad HD’

We all have to come to terms with our new Apple products will become outdated relatively faster than what we would want. And today I see a new Apple Rumor, iPad HD? And my question is can’t we just get flash on it, and the quality is already amazing, my eye can’t see anymore detail, but something tells me I will still want it. Like so many others I’m hook to my iPad, almost as much as my Macbook.

Here’s the latest: The company reportedly is working on a new iPad, due out later this year, that will have a higher-resolution screen.

Dubbed the “iPad HD” by a blog called This Is My Next, which is run by former editors from the respected tech site Engadget, the new iPad is said to be a “pro” device that could be used for high-end video editing and photography.

“Think MacBook and MacBook Pro,” writes Joshua Topolsky, referring to Apple’s lines of laptops.

The iPad HD, which would have a screen with twice the resolution of the current model, will be introduced in September alongside new software that will cater do these higher-end applications, the blog says, citing unnamed sources.

Ars Technica, another tech site, says the rumor makes sense given the fact that Apple has been releasing high-resolution versions of tablet content.

“Apple started including pixel-doubled artwork in versions of iBooks for iPad some time ago. It recently added yet more 2048 x 1536 pixel artwork in iOS 5 betas for newer features like Twitter and Newsstand. So it seems a pretty safe bet that a future iPad will definitely use this resolution,” that site writes.

Read More at CNN…

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