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Recycle Soap To Prevent Deadly Diseases

Atlanta Man Recycles Soap To Prevent Deadly Diseases Overseas

Posted: 10:35 pm EST December 20, 2010Updated: 5:53 am EST December 27, 2010

ATLANTA — You find them in every hotel room.Mini bars of soap. They’re used once or twice and then thrown away. The hotel industry in America throws away about 800 million bars of soap every year. That’s as much as 2.6 million bars a day.Most of them will wind up in landfills.But a remarkable effort is under way in metro Atlanta called the Global Soap Project – to recycle that soap to prevent deadly disease in poor parts of the world.Derreck Kayongo loves soap. His warehouse is filled with tens of thousands of pounds donated by hotels and motels. As he showed Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Regan one of the garbage bags full of soap, he told Regan, “This is from the Marriott Hotel in downtown Atlanta. It’s a beautiful bar of soap.”An African refugee, Kayongo was stunned when, during a hotel stay, a maid told him the soap bar he used once had been thrown away. Kayongo told Regan, “I said, ‘Do all the hotels in the U.S. do this?’ And they said ‘Yeah, it’s part of the etiquette.’ And that’s what got me starting to think about getting those bars and recycling them.”

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