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Do Something Club?

Why Start a Do Something Club?

Get started with your club application!

Join the Crowd

We have over 1000 Do Something Clubs across the US and Canada. Join this network of young people taking action in their community and share what your Club is doing.


Do Something Clubs are a great way to create an awesome project worthy of a grant! We’re giving out fifty $250 startup grants to brand new Do Something Clubs. Plus all Do Something Clubs will have the ability to win special Club Grants throughout the year.

Monthly Clubs Challenges

Clubs have a chance to win special prizes with a different Clubs-only Challenge every month! Prizes range from t-shirts for every Club Member to HUGE Club Grants!

It’s completely FREE

And we never ask you to fundraise a certain amount or pay dues.

Helpful Resources

Tips for leading great meetings, planning projects, organizing fundraisers and much more! We even have a Club Starter Kit that gives you everything you need to know to get your Club going. Just fill out the Materials Request Form below.

Support From a Real Human Being

There is someone in our office whose whole job is to answer your questions and help make your club more fun and more effective. You can e-mail us at So start your Club today and talk to us about how to take it to the next level.

Three Annual Mailings

Each registered club will get 3 action kits mailed directly to them full of Do Something SWAG, project ideas, upcoming campaign announcements, and grant information to help keep them active. Plus you get a welcome mailing with a banner and certificate when you first become an official Do Something Club

Online Club Profile

Each club will get their own club profile page where your club can upload pictures, post projects, announce club events, message members and connect with other clubs and individuals who are “doing something”.

Group Messaging and Calendar

Invite your club members to join your Club through our online clubs system. You can message all members to announce meetings and events. Your Club also gets its very own online calendar to update important dates and timelines.

Local Opportunities

There are tons of amazing organizations doing great work in your community. Do Something is connected nationally to organizations doing work around all causes. We’ll keep you in the loop about how groups in your community are working to change the world, special events, and ways you can get involved.

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